“Giving up the Ghost”

by Arlin Dixon and Matthew Gorman

“A light, smart, and amusing summer treat” ~ London Free Press

Aggie is in trouble. Her beloved museum is on the chopping block, but as the live-in docent, she’s not going down without a fight. Things quickly go awry when a T.V. ghost hunter, a stubborn caretaker, and Aggie’s well-meaning son with his A-type girlfriend whirl into her life. Working together they might just find out what’s really worth saving.

Giving up the Ghost – Photos

The Port Stanley Festival Theatre provided the support to help bring this production to fruition. We received an Ontario Arts Council’s Recommenders Grant for Theatre and had the good fortune to be a part of the PSFT Playwright’s Festival, for which we are both so grateful. With Artistic Director Simon Joynes at the helm, “Giving up the Ghost” received its world premiere at the Port Stanley Festival Theatre in 2019.

A quick interview we did with 941 myFM in Port Stanley on set.

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