“Nithy, Ace Detective”

By Arlin Dixon and Matthew Gorman

Nithy is on a roll. As writer of mysteries with an endless imagination and a special hat, she is going to take the literary world by storm. Well, some day. She is only a kid after all, and not very good at endings.

Just when it seems like nothing can go wrong, everything does. A loss in the family sends her world crashing down, and Nithy is left with a puzzle she can’t solve. With the help of a few well-meaning weirdos, Nithy learns that endings aren’t the important bits. It’s the stuff in between that counts. (

“Nithy, Ace Detective” – Photos

This show is currently in development. A version entitled “Nithy and the Unsolvable Case” was generously workshopped with Carousel Players in St. Catharines. Stay tuned for updates.

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